The Light Pen attachment for the Energea Radionic Instrument has been developed to allow practitioners to give remedies directly to any part of the body using light.

This device is an independently battery powered pen, as the current output socket on the Energea Radionic Instrument allows the flow of energy but not voltage.

To use this light pen the remedy rate and amplitude are keyed into the instrument, as if you were going to give a treatment. The light is connected to the output socket, the pen is switched on and pointed at the chosen part of the body. To give the remedy the 'send' switch on the Energea is activated. it is also possible to give a treatment at a distance using a picture of the human body of the patient indicating where you would like the treatment sent, by shining the light on that part of the body.

The light pen we are using currently has a white LED though we are able to make pens with a blue or green LED's to order. So a treatment could be given in a cooling blue light or a more neutral green or white light.

It is also possible to charge a bottle of tablets with an energetic equivalent of any treatment by pointing the light at a bottle of tablets and using the 'send' switch.
The light pen is now available for purchase.


light pen


Why Use Light


We have found that using the probe currently supplied with the Energea Instrument the types of conditions which have responded favourably to this approach are specific toxic situations or to repair the body at the site of an injury.

Using the light pen we have found there is an additional advantage in embedding the treatment in a light carrier. Light is essential for the maintenance of human health and carries its own intrinsic healing properties. When combined with the energetic ttreatment rate, the remedy is instinctively adsorbed through the layers of the patient’s skin at the site of the problem, resulting in more rapid and effective healing.

light pen