What is Radionics

Radionics is a healing technique in which our natural intuitive faculties are used both to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal energetic field that supports health. It is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient. Radionics can be used to help humans and animals and in agriculture.

Basic to radionic practice is a disciplined dowsing or radiesthetic skill. Experience has shown that in trained hands radionic treatment can be helpful in a wide range of conditions.

Radionics may be used alongside other therapies and to support conventional medicine. It does not replace nor interfere with conventional medical care but supplements it.

Radionics can be used to treat not only people but animals, plants and the soil wherever in the world that need exists, and with no depletion of material resources. Treatment can be transmitted to humans, small animals, horses, plants and the soil wherever they are in the world.

Where Did It Originate?

The principles of radionic therapy were first discovered, in the early 20th century, by an eminent American doctor, Dr Albert Abrams. It has since been developed by numerous other practitioners.

Energea Radionic Instrument