Energea Radionic Instrument

The Energea Radionic instrument is an electronic instrument which allows the practitioner to treat people at a distance. It performs the same functions as existing radionic instruments but has been digitised to provide a more precise signal.

The instrument provides an analyse mode and small scan area for dowsing, an amplitude setting and send mode. It also incorporates a clear function to maintain the integrity of the instrument.

To use this instrument the practitioner places the witness of the patient on the brass pin in the centre of the scan area and switches on the analyse mode. When the practitioner is satisfied that the right 'rate' has been selected an amplitude setting can be chosen, which represents the intensity of the signal to be sent to the patient. The send switch enables the treatment to be sent to the patient for whatever length of time is indicated. Please note that in radionic work disease rates are not broadcast, where we have a specific disease rate you need to send the inverse of the rate. Organ rates can be sent directly.

The Energea comes with a battery and mains power adaptor. There is also an optional light pen.


The Energea fits in an optional carry bag with a compartment for rate books, pills, bottles etc. The carry case can be purchased separately.

The instrument is extremely easy to use and requires no maintenance, comes complete with a guarantee for 1 year, operating instructions and a set of Rates for most known part of the Human Body, Colours, Subtle anatomy and homoepathic remedies. All the rates we currently have are on our searchable database and additional new rates are posted on the site as they become available.


Current Price:  £495  


Width: 23cm, Depth: 16.5cm, Height: 5cm
Weight: 0.8kg
Power supply: 9 volt battery, universally available, and power 9V mains adapter:
Materials: Polypropylene, plastazote, and electronic components.
Case: Rigid reinforced plastic which is ant and termite proof.

Energea Radionic Instrument

Energea Radionic Instrument